Hazara History – Introduction

20 09 2009

Hazara history follows a number of chronological stages. However, the most important events to the history of the Hazara people occurred after the establishment of the ancient Bamiyan civilisation, which dates back many centuries before the birth of Christ. Hazara ancestors had already created a rich culture and civilisation before they built the giant statues of the Buddha. So the construction of the statues in the 350 AD does not indicate the start of their civilisation.

There is still uncertainties to whether the statues were built by the Kushan Empire or the Hunnic empires. Kushan Empire started in the first century and ended in 300AD, which was not when the statues were constructed. Hunnic tribes rose to power after the Kushans, so there is a convincing proof that the statues were built by the Huns.

To simplify the Hazara history it is a good idea to divide the events into two stages, which will help us to clarify some of the incorrect assumptions that are made by some historians.

  1. Before 12th century – The Kushans and the Hunnic Hazara ancestors who build the Gaint Buddhas in Bamiyan, Mahmood of Ghazni (Ghaznavid Empire) and Mohammad Turk of Ghuri etc…
  2. During and after the 12th centuty – The Great Mongol Empire, Ilkhaanid Empire…

Hazara is not a tribe. Hazara is a confederation of many Mongolic and Turkic tribes. It was formed after the collapse of the Ilkhaanid Empire, when the defeated soldiers returned back home (Hazaristan) from other countries. So Hazaras are an Altaic people. This is also proven by DNA tests and their physical features and most importantly their history.

I will add more to this in my future posts.




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21 09 2009

Thanks for the comment on my blog. You are right. We will try our best to “demolish the centuries of separation that kept us apart”. I look forward to reading the brief history of Hazaras.

26 09 2009
Baatur Shefa

Thanks Sainbayar.
Please keep in touch.

4 10 2009

Great job Baatur jaan. Keep us updated on the remaining histories and how you making up. Also, if you could mention the source of linking Ghaznavid to Hazara’s ancestors, would be much appreciated too.

take care.

4 10 2009
Baatur Shefa

Thanks for your interest Davod jan.
I will remember that in my next post.

Mowafaq bashi!

30 10 2009
Stage 1 – Hazara ancestors before 12th century (Ak Huns) « Anayurtum

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3 12 2009

Thank you,
very interesting article

9 02 2010

its really interesting article. i read about hazara in mongolian site even they have a mongolian blood so its mean we are one family. i think when chingis khan conquer the gulf of arab his some of soldier stayed there. so they are hazara mongol. just its my opinion

29 04 2012

salam ba mardomi ghairat man hazara man az shoma mardomi ghirat mandi hazara tqaza darim ke masayil mily wa nejade tahnara hifez konid?

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