A brief post about Hazaras of Baghlan and Samangan

12 11 2009

Baghlan DistrictsBaghlan is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. It is of great significance to Hazara history and unity. It has shown capabilities in unifying local Hazaras regardless of whether they are Sunni or Shia in good and bad times. There are also Hazaras in Qundoz (e.g. Khaan Abaad Hazaras), Balkh, Badakhshan and Takhar, but this post is mainly about Hazaras in Baghlan and Samangan.

Baghlan is home to many Hazara tribes. Many people outside still remain unaware of their existence as there is very limited information available about them. The most inaccurate statement that I have come across on the net is the assumption that they are Tajiks. Their Hazaragi dialect and their ethnic identity are not considered in this assumption. They base this assumption on the idea that ‘Hazaras are Shia and those who are Sunni have to be Tajik’.

Yurt in Northern AfghanistanTo gather first hand and reliable information will require a proper visit to their communities and villages. One of the reasons why they have been kept isolated is their location. Their villages are scattered throughout the province and are hard to get to. A number of these Hazara tribes, specially the ones living along the Hindu Kush mountain ranges are semi-nomadic. They usually have their traditional yurts built next to their muddy houses. The old photograph on the left shows the semi-nomadic lifestyle in Northern and parts of Central Afghanistan.

They speak Hazaragi and they still have their old Hazaragi tribal names. Some of these tribe names are:

  • Qalugh / Qarluq
  • Orta Balaaq
  • Kara Mali
  • Naiman
  • Nikpai
  • Aymaq Hazaras
  • Abaga

They have left us many inspiring lessons of bravery and sacrifice, specially when it comes to standing up for our rights, freedom and defending our lands.

Dar-e-Suf is an area that covers two districts in Samangan province, located west of Baghlan. While the Taliban were at the peak of their power and almost all of the country was under their control, this place remained the only place in the region where Taliban failed to take over until the end when they were overthrown. Hazaras of Dar-e-Suf were surrounded for the whole period when the Taliban were in power. They had no support and communication with the rest as all the other districts and provinces surrounding it were controlled by the Taliban. Yet they resisted with courage and sacrifice and left an inspiring story for future generations.

Soviets experienced a great challenge in these territories before they were defeated. They were led by Haji Shaykh Dawlat Rafe’i of Dand-e-Ghuri in Pol-e-Khomri (capital of Baghlan), Aamer Abullai of Nahrin District and Commander Baaz Mohammad Khaan of Tala Wo Barfak District. Peace be upon them.




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21 11 2009

با تشكر از برادر عزيزمان
مطالب بسيار ناب و مفيد بود
يك موضوع را ياد آور شوم كه شيخ علي نام يك منطقه است
كه قوم هاي قره لوق و نايمان و كرملي و داي كلان در آن جا سكونت دارند
البته تا جايي كه من ميدانم و خبر دارم نام شيخ علي از روي نام يكي از فرمانده هان تيمور خان گوركاني گرفته شده است .
دوست عزيز اگر در اين مورد معلومات داريد ما را بي بهره نمانيد
با تشكر

21 11 2009
Hamed Shefa

تشکر برادر عزیز. معلومات شما درست است که شیخ علی قوم نیست. من در حال تحقیق در رابطه به ریشه و تاریخ قدیم قوما در عموم میباشم و بعضی از بخشهایش را در این بلاگ پست میکنم. و در این زمینه به یاری شما دوستان نیاز دارم

22 11 2009

با سلام و خسته نباشيد
كاري بسيار مفيد و ارزشمند را شروع كرده ايد
خداوند توفيق دهد
خدمت شما عرض شود كه من از اقوام ساكن ولسوالي شيخ علي هرگونه معلومات كه بخواهيد مي توانم با شما شريك بسازم چرا كه خود من از اين منطقه هستم و متعلق به قوم نايمان
و در مورد تاريخ ديگر اقوام مردم هزاره هم خوشحال مي شوم كه معلومات مزيد بدست بياورم
منتظر مطالب جالب بعدي شما هستم
با تشكر

22 12 2009

i’m mongolian. welcome to mongolia

24 05 2010

hello..im yavuz from turkey..my mail adress mezopotamya_58@yahoo.com..i want to get acquainted with a afgan peoples..can you help to me.

6 06 2010


The Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO is pleased to announce the names of three outstanding high school graduates of Hazara heritage who have been selected to receive full undergraduate scholarships to pursue studies at the prestigious National University of Mongolia on this blessed day of May 31, 2009 – the 10th year anniversary of global Mongolian Tsahim Urtuu Network (E-Station Network).


4 09 2010

hello i need iformation abaga tribe please help me!!!

4 09 2010

hello i need iformation about abaga tribe please help me!!!

9 09 2010

hello! ineed information about abaga tribe. please help me

27 01 2011

Ba Arze SAlam Khedmate Hame Baradaran Aziz Afghanistan
Ba Arezoy Omid Vary Be Melate Sharif Afghanistan

23 12 2011

Im Dai miraki Hazara from Dande Ghori Baghlan. im sunni but i say fuck religion. Im stand by my nation not religion…

23 12 2011

I have some littles of imformation about Hazaras of Baghlan.. you can email me at noorullah_hazara@yahoo.com
Baghlan Hazaras:
>Nahrin (Koh gadai) sunni
>Sholoktoo (Dai mirak)sunni n few ismailia
>Charmaw (Dai mirak) sunni
>Dara gag (Nek pai) few shite n ismailia
>Kayan (Dai mirak) ismailia n some sunni
>Khanjara (their dad used to say they was tajik and now their young boys say they are Hazara) they are sunni. (Dai mirak)
>Khinjan (Dai mirak) sunni
>Salang (Dai mirak)sunni
>Kampirak (Dai mirak)sunni and few ismailia
>Tamasa (Dai mirak)ismailia n some sunni
>Tala Barfak (Dai mirak)ismailia n most of them r sunni
>Sheikhali (Dai mirak) sunni n some ismailia i think.
>Shamarqi “also known as Qozii people” (Dai mirak)sunni
>Poshte ban -sunni n few ismailia
>Andarab (27% or may be less) (Dai mirak)sunni
>Karamali -sunni
>Burka (pass Hindukush mountains) sunni
>Dushi (Nek paii)>ismailia n somes are shites
>Khostu fering-sunni
>Lar khaw or Lar khab-sunni

80% of Baghlan populations are Hazara.
<10% Tajik in Andarab and Pulkhumri.
<10% Pashton in Baghlan Jadid and north of DAnai GHORI.
some uzbeks lives with hazara so i counted them as Hazara.

These Hazara people don't know what does the term Hazara and Tajik means.
81% of them are uneducated and lives in mountains. they are hard working,clean from heart and brave. they still have their accent , it is pure Hazaragi.

Everyweek pass 2-5 of them comes to live in city,get educated and to have brighter life. some of them says they are Hazara, when they meet other poeple such as pashtoon, tajik and other.

A day will come when there is no Shites or Sunni between us; there should be and it must be just Hazara and Hazaragi . Ameen 🙂

3 01 2014
Arbab Naseem Hazara

It was a lovely information!
God bless you tribeman!
Love you all!

27 12 2011
Mortaza Hazara

Brother I want you to give more and more information about Hazaras in Baghlan and Samangan. thanks

8 07 2012
Haseeb Akhgar

I have these information in Dari Farsi, If anyone which to see that, visit my Blog. http://mydiary-af.blogspot.com/2012/07/blog-post_08.html

7 09 2012

if there is such a large number of hazaras in baghlan and samangan according to you than why not reunite and educate them and tell them that they are hazara blood comes first sunni or shia doesnt make a difference and cannot make families seperate as i have sunni family members in my family but i am shia but that does not make us seperate same is the case with our brothers there

28 10 2014


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