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22 09 2009

Baatur ,
This is Byambakhuu.
I am happy to read your thoughts .


22 09 2009

Thanks Baymakhuu for keeping in touch.
I’m looking forward to finding out more
about your thoughts too from your site.


5 10 2009

hey Baatur 🙂
I was very happy to hear that! :))
A big compliment to your webblog, well done!
greetings from germany,

18 10 2009
Uyghur Turk

Thank you for sharing Baatur. See you soon.

28 10 2009

Very well done! It’s good to see our youths are interested in our history. Keep it up with the good work.

28 10 2009
Baatur Shefa

Thanks Maina jan, all the best!

5 11 2009

i could not find you on my facebook .
would you please send message .
i added your blog on my hazara mongol blog list .
Have you visit lately in my blog.
I chat with Abdullah which hazara guy who lives in australia.

5 11 2009
Baatur Shefa

Hi Byamba,

I’m not on Facebook. I just went to your blog and its great, and I’m going to add you on my blog list too. I will send you an email by next week friday with a proper attached copy of that post you requested.


7 11 2009

hi baatur jan
so glad to find out your blog on the net .
glad to be in touch with you .

9 11 2009
Baatur Shefa

Thanks Naiman jan.

12 11 2009
Bilal Nowrozie

wah wah wah

berar I love you. chi yaak blog poor mohtawa, khaili az kar hayed khosheem amad. ba wejooded eftekhaar mekonem, Rohi baba poshto panai tu.

12 11 2009
Baatur Shefa

Berar jo, omidwarom ke khosh o sehatmand bashi da London. Khob shod az e ke az ahwaalet ba khabar shodom. Hamesha mowafaq bashen!

21 11 2009

آنایورتوم یعنی چی؟

21 11 2009
Hamed Shefa

آنایورتم یعنی مادر وطنم

14 02 2010

anayurtum, my oreginal country , watani asliyam, az batur jan ham dorust ast . mufaq bashy dostum hamed jan

27 12 2011
Mortaza Hazara

Brother, please give us more informaion about Hazaras of Shia and Sunni faith, and about their relationship. how they behave with each other, how they are connected to some area
Mortaza Azra From Sydney Australia

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