The Endless Systematic Genocide of the Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan

17 01 2013

It has been many years that the systematic genocide of the Hazara ethnic group has been continuing in the Quetta city of Pakistan. This month’s attack took over 100 innocent lives in a town that is the centre of the Hazara and Shia community in Quetta. The terrorist group who  has been responsible for such devastating attacks are well known by the officials in Pakistan and the media – Lashkar e Jhangvi. Lashkar e Jhangvi has close links with the Al Qa’eda and the Taliban. They are known for their anti-American and anti-Shia objectives and activities.

It is with great disappointment to say that no effective action has been taken by the government of Pakistan to protect the safety and security of their Hazara citizens.  There has been ongoing protests to bring the attention of the Pakistani government and the United Nations to the fact that human rights are being violated in the Quetta city of Pakistan and yet nothing is being done.

There is a website created as part of a humanitarian campaign with the hope that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights hear the voice of the Hazaras in Pakistan and urge the Pakistani government to put an end to the target killings of the Hazaras in Quetta.

Please take a moment to SIGN THIS PETITION.




One response

19 02 2013
Sana Askari

Sir,Quid-e-Azam must be restless even in his grave to see the Pakistan of his dream has after all not been a safe place for people of even his own belief, what to speak they wouls have been otherwise vulnerable to Hindus if he had not insisted on partition. His dreams remain shattered because of the plight of Shias in his country of dream. All the more when theAuthor suggests Pakistan govt. should plead with Shia majority countries to let Pakistani Shias remain in exile in those countries. That is an extreme thinking but forced to do so because of circumstances. The same is true in Iraq where Shias and Sunnis are dying in thousands. Was n’t it a mistake to make Pakistan an Islamic country? In a secular Pakistan what to speak of Shias , Sunnis and Ahmediyas, all the people of every faith would have lived peacefully. It surely calls for introspection.

shame on us for killing our own brothers. no one is safe in Pakistan yet everyone is in a slumber hoping against hope that the fire will not burn them. our habit of sweeping the dust under the carpet will simply not work out this time. today a 12 year old student of seventh grade from Aitchison college Lahore was brutally killed along with his father, his crime was to belong to a Shia family.
first learn to be a human before calling yourselves Muslims.
disgusted to the bone

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